I believe that everyone should be allowed to experience the joy of giving. The healing process when accompanied with joy is the first step towards empowerment. When I teach, I see function in everyone.

Peer Teaching was conceived when group members in a day rehabilitation centers became so comfortable around art on site and in the museum that I witnessed new dialogues. A visit with slides and a project and a follow up tour to see the original piece empowered many members of the group to want to teach. It is inspiring to see how their dialogue is reaching every member in their group. They teach each other what they see in an art piece whenever they visit the museum. Sharing observations is a cross function experience and museums are the best garden to help and create groups of the entire Neuro diverse spectrum.

Imagine, a non verbal person talking expressively about a painting to his group and many raise their hands to respond and asks questions. We can be a modern civilization and be open to learn from all that is around us.