Nitza Danieli Horner

Teaching Artist further building inclusive environments


The Metropolitan Museum of Art / 2002-present
  • Providing general and multi sensory tours to visitors with various abilities.
  • Leading Touch and Verbal imaging tours.
  • Conducting specialty programs designed for people challenged by dementia.
  • Facilitating studio Workshops at the museum’s Education Center.
  • Traveling to deliver outreach programs. (Hospitals, Institutions and Schools)
  • Representing the museum at conferences, community fairs, festivals and Special Event.

The Speyer Legacy School, NYC / 2009-present
  • Art Teacher

"Art For Kids" / 2006-present
  • Artist Educator: Residencies at PS 811X: Special need high school. Sculpture Workshops for students challenged by the spectrum of autism.

Columbia University Medical Center / 2008-present
  • Artist-in-Residence: Facilitating art for patients families and care givers at the Pediatric Oncology clinic.


Metropolitan Museum of Art
Panelist: 2007
  • "Art Beyond Sight: Multimodal Approaches to Learning, Creativity and Communication" (September 28-30, 2009)
  • "Art Beyond Sight: Multi-modal Approaches to Learning" (October 16 - 18, 2009)

Speaker Bureau: Friends’ Health Connection 2005-Present: 

  • “Art and Healing" series are intended to help promote emotional and physical healing through the fundamentals of art creation.

RWJ Hamilton Center for Health & Wellness: 2005 and 2007
  • “Myths and Legends"
  • “Art and Healing in Art"
*This workshop donated a healing mural for RWJ’s children hospital.

Newark Museum Ethnoscience Festival: October 20, 2007
  • Created several multi sensory workshops to create therapeutic art environment.

Kessler Institute West Orange, NJ. 2005
  • Art workshop for individual suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries- Grant provided by the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Hand over hand sculpture workshop.

Bayshore Fitness & Wellness Center Old Bridge, NJ. 2005
  • “Learning ways to enhance cognitive abilities and increase self-awareness through the process of creativity".

Trinitas Hospital Cancer Center Elizabeth, NJ. 2007
  • “Interactive and Expressive Art Healing Workshop".

The Puffin Foundation LTD:
Connecting audiences to the foundation cultural forum and surrounding wetlands.

  • Gallery workshops for children: Responding to war drawing by Iraqi children.
  • Art workshop and wetland tour for seniors on the spectrum of dementia.


“Paint the Music©"
In pursuit of integration of all people, I have put together a program that encourages the creation of an art piece that is inspired by live music. The process of creating new art and the vibration of live music support an atmosphere where mistakes do not exist and intelligence can not be critically measured.

  • Indoors: Building dialogue and encouraging unique expression using images from museum collection and a live Jazz band.
  • Outdoors: Live Jazz festivals and community events. Cloth lines are used to display work. The musicians improvise and interpret visuals to sound.

“Peer to Peer Teachings":
Created unique opportunity for adults experiencing diagnosed as intellectually different to share art observation and have teach each other.
*Received an award from F.E.G.S for winning program of the year (2005).

“Co- Teaching":
Development and implementation of a unique team teaching approach. Non verbal partner is using a communication device to provide gallery tours and on site presentations.
On going Implementation: Tour are practiced and delivered to live audiences. Group type varies from NYC middle-school students to high functioning n mentally challenged adults. Great feedback is reflected and requests for additional tours registered.

“Multi-Sensory approach":
Developed a unique multi-sensory teaching approach. Intuition, empathy, organic fragrance, touch, sound and light are among other tools I use to create a relaxed comfortable environment that cradles the opportunity to find and nurture abilities.
On going Implementation: New program type created at the Access department of the Metropolitan Museum. Multi Sensory tours and programs are requested and delivered.
* Chosen to speak about Multi Sensory approach at the Metropolitan Museum’s “Art Beyond Sight" international conference (September 2007).

Fund Raising Contribution:
“The Healing Apron": A silent auction organized by RWJ to benefit breast cancer research. For this event I facilitated a painting workshop. A pink apron was painted by an adult women group from mental day rehabilitation center.
*Apron was purchased by a 3rd time cancer survivor.

Large mural donated to RWJ Hamilton children hospital:
Healing in art workshop where survivors created with a large mural delivering messaging of hope and strength. Mural is now displayed at RWJ Hamilton’s Children Hospital.

Outdoor sculpture installation at the Puffin Foundation Sculpture Garden:


2007 : The Puffin Foundation
Title: Roots of Empathy (Mixed Media)
Permanent installation.
“Roots of Empathy" is a permanent installation. 

2007 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Title: 100 minutes (Lime Stone)
Employee art show.

2007 : The 92nd Street Y, NYC
Title: 100 minutes (Lime Stone)
Faculty show.

2005 : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Title: Desert Landscape (Marble)
Employee art show.

2003 : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Title: A Thought (Alabaster)
Employee art show.

2003 : The 92nd Street Y, NYC
Title: LeftMe (Marble)
Faculty show.

2002 : The 92nd Street Y, NYC
Title: Boldy (Marble)
Faculty show.

2001 : The John Harms Gallery Englewood, NJ
Group show of “ArtFest" winning artworks


  • Free River Press
“Violence at the Holy land"
“PEACE BY PIECE" Sharing experiences of the Arab/Israeli conflict through writing workshops for people who have had direct experience of the Arab/Israeli conflict. The final product was a book published by Free River Press that we hope will be a vehicle to help build bridges between members of these two communities.
*Currently invited to publish a piece for a new book that is based on NYC experiences.


  • 1st place: Sculpture Category @ the 2001 Summerfest Juried Art Competition
  • Partner of the Year F.E.G.S award (6/2005)


  • 1978-1980 Israel’s Army Service
  • 1981-1983 Art Teacher’s College Ramat Hasharon, Israel


  • Hebrew
  • English